Below you will find an overview of treatments that we offer

General physiotherapy

General physiotherapy focuses on treating complaints in the musculoskeletal system. We mainly think of pain in the muscles and joints. Both acute complaints and chronic problems are dealt with in practice. This also includes rehabilitation after surgery.

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Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a specialization within physiotherapy. This therapy goes a step further than physio in the analysis of the complaints and the treatment itself. The manual therapist sees the body as a whole and makes connections between different parts and systems of your musculoskeletal system.

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Postoperative rehabilitation

We mainly focus on rehabilitation after surgical interventions such as prostheses, fractures and ligament injuries. A treatment plan is drawn up in consultation with the surgeon and the rehabilitation is objectively adjusted and monitored.

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Sports rehabilitation and injury prevention

In sports rehabilitation, much attention is paid to recovery during treatment, so that you can resume your sport responsibly as early as possible. With injury prevention we want to give athletes a scientifically substantiated schedule with the aim of minimizing the risk of a (re) injury.

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Dry needling

Dry needling is a treatment method in which the physiotherapist uses a special technique to puncture your muscles, so that they relax quickly and for a long time. The treatment is used, among other things, for the treatment of a myofascial pain syndrome, stiffness and pain in the muscles.

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Cardiovascular & respiratory rehabilitation

During this rehabilitation (sometimes in the form of group lessons) we mainly focus on the reconditioning of heart and lung diseases. We try to prevent or treat chronic conditions through physical activity and exercise training.

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Hand rehabilitation

Hand rehabilitation is a specialization that focuses on the treatment of problems of the hand, wrist or elbow. This can be both conservative treatment and post-operative rehabilitation after surgery.

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On the one hand there is the classic (sports) taping where we support or partially immobilize a joint for reinforcement, on the other hand we also work with kinesio tape. This can be used for various purposes: supporting muscles, correcting posture, easing scars,...

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